Ditching the Pill
Kira Leyden, 25, woke up one night feeling like there was a 1,000 pounds on her chest. An arm was going numb. Her mouth was going numb. She thought she was having a heart attack. She could hardly tell her husband Jeff that she needed to be taken to the emergency room.

California father of 3 stabbed to death defending homeless man

Debate delayed on pro-abortion bill opposed by Catholics

IVF horror: woman pregnant with other family's twins in 'mix up'

Approved, Refused and a Big Number

Marianne Anderson worked as a nurse at Planned Parenthood for 2 years. After seeing the dysfunction inside the industry, she reached out to local prolifers who had been praying for her. She also reached out to our ministry! I would love for you to read her story and spread it with your friends. People desperately need to know the truth behind the veil of "safe and legal abortion."

'One victim of human trafficking is too many'

Porn Mogul and Girlfriend Use IVF to 'Custom Design' Their Twins

"I didn't let that baby go for one second"

Pope Francis accepted surrendered surgical instruments from abortionist

Catholic hospitals right to reject contraception, doctors say

Teen titan takes lingerie industry to task over 'sexy' training bras

Arizona Bill Opens Abortion Clinics to Surprise, Warrantless Searches

Lawyers war of global push for 'gender identity' language


Abortion: Hollywood gets it right

Or British Hollywood, such as it were. Last night’s episode of Downton was one of the best on-screen depictions of Read More →

Why marriage can never be gay

Framed almost exclusively as a ‘human rights’ issue and no longer considered a fringe movement, the push for gay ‘marriage’ Read More →

The Dignity of the Unwanted Life

The autonomy of the human person is a remarkable concept. By nature of my humanity – and yours – my Read More →

I Feel, Therefore I … Am?

“Fetuses don’t feel pain!” A group of government-commissioned UK doctors proclaimed triumphantly at the end of a recent study on Read More →


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Activist judge overturns 6-week abortion ban
Activist judge overturns 6-week abortion ban
A federal judge on Wednesday overturned a voter-approved North Dakota law banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, as early as six weeks into pregnancy and before many women know they're pregnant.

Vatican, civil authorities join forces against human trafficking

Parents bribe surrogate mom to abort 'imperfect' baby

Cleveland Abortion Patient's Death and Identity Confirmed

Let's be 'done'

We can easily forget, in all our planning and charting and discerning, that we're not ultimately in control. Even when science purports to tell us otherwise. Even when our hearts desperately wish we could be. Life, despite our best efforts to manipulate, frustrate, create, contort, and confine, is not entirely under our jurisdiction. To believe and to act otherwise is to live a lie, to mistake a charade for reality.

UK hospital let 22 week old preemie die in his mother's arms
A UK hospital has apologized to a woman four years after doctors and staff let her 22-week premature son die in her arms within an hour of being born, despite the mother’s urgent pleas for help.

Opposing football teams conspire to help water boy score big

Doctors successfully implant lab-grown vaginas into 4 women

Stay at home moms on the rise

Baptism as gay publicity stunt?

"It appears that these ladies couldn’t wait to get out of the church before celebrating their lesbian love—and that they’re using the baptism as a photo-op for their cause."

Photographer's civil rights trampled in New Mexico

Of dads and 'real' men

I wanted to be a “real man.” I was a freshman in high school and had no idea what it meant to be a “real man,” but I was seeking. I had a vague idea that I wanted to be like my father, but not boring or old—like I thought he was.

Breed Baby Girls Who Won't Get Breast Cancer?

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