Brittany Maynard, revisited
Brittany Maynard, revisited
"Brittany’s stated goal is “for all terminally ill Americans to have the choice to die with dignity.” My prayer for Brittany is that she might find the peace and the joy that can come with choosing Life–even in the face of adversity."

The potty-mouthed princesses are doing nothing for feminism

"The video itself is exploitative. In a video that claims to be about empowering women, these little girls are being used. I can’t help but wonder whether these girls grasp the weight of what they are saying about rape. Did someone explain it to them? How much do they know—and how much should they know? How empowering is it to just be someone else’s mouthpiece?"

New Film Clarifies Catholic Church's Teachings on Same-Sex Attraction

'The passion of pregnancy'

"I am a fortunate woman. I have a devoted husband, a faith that comforts me, and a vast network of supportive family members. When I am pregnant, meals show up in my freezer, aunts appear at the door to babysit, and people keep me in their prayers. And still, I detest the experience. I can only imagine what it must be like for a woman who bears an unwanted pregnancy without the support of family or the benefit of faith."

'Catholics for choice' sketchy on facts, reality

Dear Britanny, I have brain cancer, too

Can a pro-life platform win elections?
Can a pro-life platform win elections?

Humanae Vitae: the Passion of Blessed Paul VI

Catholic Synod's final report nuanced on homosexuality, other issues

Pivoting positions on homosexuality, or Christianity without Christ?

"What we’re seeing in many corners of evangelicalism is a pliability that makes Christianity an obsequious servant to whatever the reigning zeitgeist is. With non-answers like this, it isn’t Jesus who is sitting at the right hand of the Father. Culture is."


Hey Pope Francis, it’s the 21st century, what’s up with contraception?

One of the most difficult Catholic teachings to accept – for believers and non believers alike – is the Church’s Read More →

Can Catholics get vasectomies?

Fun fact: I was actually offered a tubal at the ‘catholic’ hospital we delivered our second born in when he Read More →

NFP isn’t just “Catholic birth control”

NFP does not equal contraception. It is not ‘Catholic birth control,’  however persistently our illiterate culture pushes the notion. Contraception Read More →

As long as it’s healthy…but what if it’s not?

Six months into our pregnancy with Henry, after our bombshell diagnosis, Lou and I would make regular treks up to Read More →


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'Did you know you're my mama?'
It's the most painful part of Alzheimer's, when your own parent can't remember your face, let alone your name. But for one daughter of a dementia patient, she got to experience the joy of having her mother recognize her, if only for a moment.

The Pope said WHAT about marriage?!

The Pope said WHAT about marriage?!

If you’ve read any media reports on the Church in the last few weeks, you might have the impression that there were – or are about to be – some earth-shattering changes in Catholic teaching about marriage, family and homosexuality.

Tweens and porn: it's worse than you think

"With access to the Internet everywhere, it is not simply enough to filter the Internet in our homes and install accountability software on our electronic devices, although all of these steps are absolutely essential. In today’s day and age, where kids and teens are going to find porn if they want to or if they’re curious, they have to be spoken to honestly about what pornography is and why it will destroy their minds, their relationships, and their souls."

Back to basics: what is marriage for?

There’s an old story told about the legendary football coach, Vince Lombardi. At one point he was so concerned that the players on his team had lost any sense of the basics of the game that he summoned them all into a classroom and had them all sit down at desks.

IUDs for teens? Endangering, not empowering, docs say

Suicide is not dignified

"This woman is dying. She quite possibly is suffering from mental illness from the effects of her disease on top of it all. And we're racking up likes and shares all over social media, gushing about bravery and compassion and strength. Is this the same culture that mourned the death of Robin Williams en masse just last month? Was his suicide not heralded as brave because his illness was depression and not cancer?"

What if we're wrong about sex?
A thoughtful look at what the sexual revolution really does to the hearts of people, and how the Bible paints a much more fulfilling picture of sex as a beautiful gift from God.

'My depressed daughter is considering IVF to become a single mother'

"She has come off antidepressants to prepare for pregnancy, but is she doing the right thing?"

Real love is a choice

British mother wins case to kill disabled daughter

"No one knows how her daughter felt about her quality of life and whether or not she wanted to live. No one knows how her daughter felt in those 14 days that she was being starved and dehydrated. And no one cares. Nancy Fitzmaurice was disabled and could not speak, so she was brutally, cruelly murdered, with the permission of her government."

California doctor performs heart surgery on physician who delivered him

A Bitter Pill To Swallow

Former abortionist reveals the two ways women react after an abortion

The courage of Humanae Vitae

"Half-buried in magazines, I came to the dizzying realization that the Church was not entirely wrong on this issue. I still didn’t know if it was completely correct, but I had to give it credit that it alone predicted that contraception would have unintended consequences, articulated what they would be and had been proven right. It continued to say, as it had always said, that society urgently needed to take an honest look at whether contraception has really been a good thing for women."

On love and dignity and dying

Why are African women given the most dangerous contraceptives?

Doctor: We shouldn't glorify the right to die

"The way Maynard has gone about planning her death raises questions about whether her right to die has been glorified in a way that fails to display the proper humility one should have about being alive."

Why I'm NOT going to take my own life

"Does having a terminal disease make it physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia qualitatively different? Aside from the fact that we are created by God, I believe that the answer to this question turns on the meaning of suffering."

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