Whipped cream in your face: the next viral challenge?
The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS still lingers here and there on social media, and because of its success in raising funds for ALS, many people convicted about other causes and needs hope for the same viral sensation for their challenges.

New York farm owners lose part of their livelihood over lesbian 'wedding' rage

Will slippery slope of 'end of life planning' lead Medicare to cover assisted suicide?
Will slippery slope of 'end of life planning' lead Medicare to cover assisted suicide?

"Poverty 90% solved' by traditional marriage"

Ninety per cent of poverty could be solved through the affirmation of marriage between a man and woman, a contentious conference in Melbourne has heard."

Theology of the Body vs. eugenics and genetic modification

The Ice Bucket Challenge’s ethical surprise

More smoke and mirrors from Obama on contraception mandate

Pro-life families should see "The Giver" together

The film is an adaptation of Lois Lowry's 1993 dystopian novel, which is near the top of many pro-life reading lists. My wife and I have re-read our tattered paperback that sits within arm's reach on our bookshelf, and each reading unpacks new thoughts.

The shame of surrogacy: another disabled child rejected by mother

Ice Bucket Challenge hits stem cell snag

Adjustment to HHS mandate met with initial disappointment

An open letter to Richard Dawkins from a DS dad

"You made your point about the ubiquity of Down syndrome abortion in order to defend a terrible assertion. You suggested on Twitter, Dr. Dawkins, a moral imperative to abort children conceived with Down Syndrome. You said that if a woman had the choice to abort such a child, and she failed to so, she would have acted immorally. I’m troubled by that, and, very honestly, I’m confused."

Colorado abortion fanatic Mark Udall gets ad boost in Senate race

Expectant Couple Seeks Prayers and Support on Facebook After Devastating Diagnosis


Can Catholics get vasectomies?

Fun fact: I was actually offered a tubal at the ‘catholic’ hospital we delivered our second born in when he Read More →

NFP isn’t just “Catholic birth control”

NFP does not equal contraception. It is not ‘Catholic birth control,’  however persistently our illiterate culture pushes the notion. Contraception Read More →

As long as it’s healthy…but what if it’s not?

Six months into our pregnancy with Henry, after our bombshell diagnosis, Lou and I would make regular treks up to Read More →

Abortion: Hollywood gets it right

Or British Hollywood, such as it were. Last night’s episode of Downton was one of the best on-screen depictions of Read More →


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Going gold for Cole
Going gold for Cole
My son Cole died two and a half years ago from neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer, after suffering through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy injections and painful radiation therapy.

Birth control and NFP

"The Church does not shame people about sex. It actually holds sex as sacred. It values the God-given function of the sexual act, to create life. And in doing so, it celebrates the other functions of sex, to give pleasure and bring two people closer together. The Church holds that, by separating sex from its main purpose of creating life, we change it and devalue it."

Leaving room for a miracle
"We are home. We are all fed and have all slept. Miss Courtney is no longer seizing. That can change at any moment but for now, we have even gotten a few smiles. God is so very good."

US Rep., Iraq war vet 'thrilled' to be pregnant

My 7-year-old son found porn on his iPod, even with a filter

"I could have entitled this blog post “The Day My 7-Year-Old Discovered Porn on His iPod” but it might look like I’m trying to one-up that other Mom. Which I’m not. Because, trust me, this is one Mom competition I’d rather lose."

Jill Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting expecting first baby with new husband

On infertility and invisibility

"I remember that is one of the worst side effects of infertility. Not just the crazy hormone swings or the monthly disappointment or the gut-twisting ache when yet another friend calls with yet another excited pregnancy announcement."

Ted Cruz supports ALS research that 'respects human life'

Cruz posted on his Facebook page Tuesday that he and his wife personally support the John Paul II Medical Research Institute, which conducts research into a cure for the disease "without using embryonic stem cells" and that "respects human life."

Porn star attempts to make case for feminism

Choosing to be open to life: On having more kids

Just after you have a baby people ask all sorts of interesting questions. Questions about pooping and labor and the details of breastfeeding. By and large, however, one of the most common questions I field is, “So, are you guys going to have more kids?”

Pittsburgh hospital launches recovery center for pregnant addicts

What 10 priests say about contraception

It might not be what you think it is.

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