Pope Francis hails elderly, including Benedict
Pope Francis hails elderly, including Benedict
A brilliantly sunlit St. Peter’s Square was the scene Sunday morning for a great gathering of senior citizens – and especially grandparents – who had come to Rome to be with Pope Francis, to exchange life stories and hear the Holy Father’s reflections on the importance, the struggles, and the beauty of life in the old age.

Women postponing motherhood...forever

NYT: men increasingly 'aren't good enough' to marry?

“The men who don’t have college degrees are doing so badly in the job market that they don’t seem like good prospects to the women in their lives,” said Isabel Sawhill, co-director of the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution, whose book on the topic, “Generation Unbound: Drifting Into Sex and Parenthood Without Marriage,” comes out Thursday.

Abortions in Ohio hit record low

Is abortion justified when the unborn baby is disabled?
Is abortion justified when the unborn baby is disabled?

Angry waitress gave generous Rush Limbaugh tip to abortion organization

Hillary Clinton fangirls over Margaret Sanger

"I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision,” said Hillary Rodham Clinton, “I am really in awe of her, there are a lot of lessons we can learn from her life.”

His Mom Cancelled the Abortion Appointment, Now He’s Becoming a Priest
His Mom Cancelled the Abortion Appointment, Now He’s Becoming a Priest

Save the Storks migrating to Delaware

Our mission is to empower abortion-minded mothers all over America to choose life. We’re accomplishing this by partnering with local pregnancy centers that will own and operate our vehicles outside of abortion clinics to reach women who feel like they only have one choice. By doing this, more women will be saved from the pain and heartbreak of abortion.

There are no 'gay' people

"The sexual issues that a person may deal with are not issues that we should allow to dominate who they are; true companionship must be deeper than that. Even if a person declares apparent pride in their ‘sexual identity’ as ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘transgender’ etc., we need to uphold their innate dignity in the way we use our language."

UK schools under fire for testing kids for STDs during class

Forty Days of Prayer for Life of the Unborn

Media struggles to resurrect Catholic dissent over contraception

A bucket list for an unborn baby

Why the church can never celebrate homosexual acts

(Warning: graphic) My Year As an Abortion Doula

"I’m in a large public hospital in Manhattan, volunteering as an "abortion doula" with an organization called the Doula Project. My role is to provide women who are killing their children with emotional and physical support, offer comfort or distraction, answer their questions, and, most of all, just be with them during their first or second trimester abortions while their babies die."

Pope Francis to couples: Cross illuminates purpose of marriage


Can Catholics get vasectomies?

Fun fact: I was actually offered a tubal at the ‘catholic’ hospital we delivered our second born in when he Read More →

NFP isn’t just “Catholic birth control”

NFP does not equal contraception. It is not ‘Catholic birth control,’  however persistently our illiterate culture pushes the notion. Contraception Read More →

As long as it’s healthy…but what if it’s not?

Six months into our pregnancy with Henry, after our bombshell diagnosis, Lou and I would make regular treks up to Read More →

Abortion: Hollywood gets it right

Or British Hollywood, such as it were. Last night’s episode of Downton was one of the best on-screen depictions of Read More →


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They backed out of an abortion, and their 'disabled' baby was born healthy
They backed out of an abortion, and their 'disabled' baby was born healthy
Robyn and Adam Wilson were told their unborn baby might not survive and doctors advised them to have an abortion because their child was supposedly in a grave condition. Doctors said it was likely he would be born with a life-limiting illness and may have Down syndrome.

'No one is entitled to a child'

"Ten years ago John and I were newly married and hoping to become parents. As we navigated the first years of marriage, we realized we were unlikely to conceive and give birth. Somehow, difficult as that was–and it was–that journey made us only appreciate the miracle of fertility and value the gift of life more."

Her boyfriend pressured her to get an abortion; God had something else in mind

Her boyfriend pressured her to get an abortion; God had something else in mind

Meet Nicky. At just 26 years old, life had already taken a toll on her. In her past, she had been charged with a felony, lived in her car for a time given birth to and then surrendered sole custody of a little girl at the age of 16, and had bounced from abusive relationship to abusive relationship.

Birth control and NFP

"The Church does not shame people about sex. It actually holds sex as sacred. It values the God-given function of the sexual act, to create life. And in doing so, it celebrates the other functions of sex, to give pleasure and bring two people closer together. The Church holds that, by separating sex from its main purpose of creating life, we change it and devalue it."

AAP: Injectable, implanted sterilization for teens, tweens?
The American Academy of Pediatrics says its top choices for teen birth control are implants or intrauterine devices.

The market for brain death?

"A silent and deadly epidemic is moving across America. No one is broadcasting it. No one is writing about it. Almost no one is even talking about it. But every day in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices across the country, more and more of our medically vulnerable loved ones are being euthanized."

Contraception: Saving the Planet?

In a thinly veiled attempt at scientific objectivity, the president of the Population Institute makes the case for why poor people should be sterilized for the good of the planet.

Chinese mother of twins forcibly aborted for 'illegal' pregnancy

Gay 'marriage' backers upset about kids' photos

No scandal here: How the 20 couples married by Pope Francis were legit

Pope to Preside over Marriage of Really Bad Sinners

Among the men and women Pope Francis was set to unite in marriage were Catholics who have been living together as well as couples who already have children.

Woman makes it to 24 without a cerebellum

Why I changed my mind on gay 'marriage'

Like many Americans, I have changed my mind on gay marriage—though my change of mind has gone the opposite way of most. My support for gay marriage was early and enthusiastic. In high school I wrote a research paper titled “Gay Marriage as a Constitutional and Human Right.”

French women rejecting contraception for health, environmental reasons

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